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Hello! My name is Lauren Swan and I am a ceramic artist based in Dundee, specialising in handmade feel-good ceramic homeware. My work is inspired by nature, as well as mental health and wellbeing. I appreciate both the simplicity and intricacies found within natural objects and enjoy reflecting this in my work though the use of interesting textures, colour and patterns. When I was little I was fascinated by the small details in nature, I’d often return home from a walk with my pockets full of acorns, twigs, shells, leaves and anything else that I could find. I have always found joy in natural objects, and I aim to create this same feeling through my work.


I hand sculpt/build and slip cast my ceramic wares, focusing on the quality and uniformity of the forms whilst also highlighting their handmade charm. Whether slip-cast or hand sculpted, every piece is unique. I like to create both ornamental and functional wares, from self-watering plant pots to sculptures of whales and bird feeders shaped like acorns. 

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